Proper Posture Ergonomic Loupes

MediLoupes introduces the all new Ergonomic loupe, the Proper Posture Ergonomic!

These unique loupes are designed to keep your neck and chin up with your eyes straight forward.

While keeping your neck up, we have customized the loupe experience to encompass proper ergonomic posturing to the fullest extent available. By keeping your chin and neck up, this will reduce the strain you may feel on your neck and back, all the while staring straight ahead.

Range of Magnification
  • 3.3X
  • 4.3X
  • 5.3X
  • 6.3X

Lifetime Warranty

Flat Rate Shipping


We custom build these loupes to your specific requirements and coat them with the most up to date optic quality enhancements.

Available on any House Frame we offer and covered with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defect.

Should you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.



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