medi loupes testimonials

I just got my High-Def Expanded Loupes with the Flex XL Frame. They look really nice and they are very comfortable. The pros: they have a lifetime warranty and customer service was a pleasure to work with. The cons: well none. I’m going to recommend these to my classmates.

Renso S, Student - Michigan

I just received my MediLoupes and I could not be more impressed. As a first time loupes buyer it can be overwhelming making a decision. I really loved how MediLoupes provided a crystal clear microscope, blue light filter, a life time warranty, stylish frame options and most importantly a great price. The RayBan frames I purchased were so light and that was a huge selling feature for me. I will definitely purchase more loupes from MediLoupes in the future!

Kaitlyn G, Student - Wisconsin

I love my loupes and light so much! They are lightweight and feel comfortable on my face All day. The light is very lightweight as well! I am so happy I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to replace my original loupes from hygiene school that were actually measured and/or manufactured incorrectly and gave me trouble with my eyesight. With my old loupes my eyes would burn and be sore after but I haven’t had any issues with my new loupes and I’ve had them 18 months now! I would really recommend this company because of their quality and pricing! Plus the battery to the light is much better than my last loupes.

Veronica Hill, RDH - Tennessee

I needed new loupes a while ago and didn’t know which company to go with. As a dentist I am familiar with a bunch of loupe companies. All I can say now is I’m glad I chose Mediloupes, not only are the loupes well made and have lasted without any issues but the support is incredible. I accidentally tore my USB connection and in both instances I was sent replacement immediately. I always spoke to a friendly Mediloupes person and taken care of promptly. I can’t work without out my loupes thanks Medi Loupes!

Dr Alex Podebryi, DDS - Georgia