Smith & Wesson Frame

Smith & Wesson, brings nothing but superior quality in safety and design. The impact-resistant technology will come in handy for any professional looking for a durable loupe. The complex lens coating helps fog build up. Smith & Wesson® is most known for it’s firearms, high quality production and reliability. Smith & Wesson has been a leader in the firearm industry since 1852, now this same innovation, can be a working tool for your precise work in the healthcare industry.

  • Loupe Options: Flip-Up Loupes
  • Wraparound Visibility
  • Rubber Nose Pads
  • Rubber Temples

Lifetime Warranty

Flat Rate Shipping

Top Quality Loupes

  • Fully Customizable
  • Loupe Options: TTL Loupes
  • Wrap-around and Sport Design
  • For Men or Women
  • Lifetime Warranty on all Loupes!

Lifetime Warranty

Flat Rate Shipping

Top Quality Loupes



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