Dental Loupes

Dental Loupes

Leading the industry on dental loupes for dentist, surgeons, veterinarians, hygienists and all healthcare professionals with superior quality and unmatched customer support.

Dental loupes are essential for healthcare workers because they enhance and magnify the field of vision. They can be helpful for everything from very serious surgical procedures down to a simple suture removal at a healthcare clinic.

Whether you choose TTL (through-the-lens) or Flip-Up loupes is entirely up to one’s personal preference. The advantage of TTL loupes are that you never have to adjust the loupes. They are designed specifically for you and your eye sight. Flip-up lenses can be adjusted for different people if you need to share them. Working distance and angle of the loupes can improve your posture. Working with the best surgical loupes will decrease the stress on your neck and back, an important aspect when considering your health.

A loupe is a simple, small magnification device used to see small details more closely. Unlike a magnifying glass, a loupe does not have an attached handle, and its focusing are contained in an opaque cylinder or cone or fold into an enclosing housing that protects the lenses when not in use. Loupes are also called hand lenses.

Dental loupes not only magnify the vision of physicians and technicians during medical procedures, they also help to ensure correct posture and reduce neck and eye fatigue. The use of magnification loupes results in improved care for patients and increased comfort for medical personnel.

Beyond Dental Loupes

With a dedication to quality craftsmanship, we have continually set the standards for loupes by offering an unmatched resolution across the widest and deepest viewing field. Every loupe is customized to the individual user.

Continually striving to be a pioneer in the industry, we draw new product innovations from existing customers and leaders in the industry. We continue to push the boundaries that define traditional loupes.

Many different frame styles are now available. There are traditional looking frames and newer sporty styles. Wrap-around frames will provide more protection from bodily fluids and flying objects, yet sport frames can enhance your style. Our aluminum frames light weight and sturdy. These are some of the considerations when choosing the right loupe and frame combination.