LED Headlight

This ultra lightweight Wired LED Surgical Headlight weighs under 3 grams. This battery will last up to 18 hours and over 12 hours on the highest brightness level. It secures directly on our loupe frames with the battery attached to your hip. Tap the sensor for a hands-free functionality.

  • Surgical Quality
  • Weighs 2 Grams
  • Bright 70,000 Lux Light
  • Adaptable to any Loupe
  • Multiple Brightness Levels
  • USB Powered and Charge Capable
  • Tap Sensor for Hands-free Use
  • 2.5 Hours Charge Time
  • 12-18 Hours Use Time per Charge by Brightness

Lifetime Warranty

Flat Rate Shipping

70,000 Lux Light



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