Wireless LED Headlight

This super lightweight Wireless LED Surgical Headlight weighs under 25 grams. This unmatched all-in-one design decreases the added weight on the frame and eliminates the tangled wires too. This wireless loupe light will fit directly on our loupe frames. The battery weight is evenly placed across the head with little extra weight on the nose or ears.

  • Surgical Quality
  • Weighs 22 Grams
  • Bright 70,000 Lux Light
  • Adaptable to any Loupe
  • Multiple Brightness Levels
  • 2 Exchangeable Magnetic Batteries
  • 45 min Charge Time
  • 6 Hours Total Use Time (2 batteries)

Lifetime Warranty

Flat Rate Shipping

70,000 Lux Light



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